A Giraffe’s kick is powerful enough to decapitate an African lion

When I was growing up I told people that when I got older I wanted to be yellow. Noone knew what it meant, the only thing we knew for sure was that I wanted to be one of the brightest colours humanly possible.

Fast forward 25 years and voila! A 6 foot tall content specialist/ part time drag queen with (what some would deem) an unhealthy obsession with giraffes.

In today’s world we need to have our voices heard, so expect an unapologetic, uncensored and unique view on the world brought with the charming Northern manner accustomed with the Mancunian way of life.


Socially, Im a self confessed bibliophile who likes to shout about social injustice and can often be found haunting Manchester’s, Canal Street letting the world know about the medicinal benefits of tequila as Oxxy Moron.

Did you know tequila is a probiotic?

Professionally I specialise in optimised social media management, long and short-form material for online and offline channels as well as specialist PR content creation in over 15 industries.

My work can be seen in a number of places including: Huffington Post,  Yorkshire Times and LADbible to name a few.



2 thoughts on “J. B

  1. Hey! Great blog, I have a love for mental health as well and took psych in school and I got to say one of my favorite debates is nature vs. nurture, what’s your position :)? I just started a blog of my own, feel free to pop by!


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