Have you tried the Oh K! Soothing face lotion?

I love skincare, especially Korean skincare. I’m no stranger to a multi-step routine in the pursuit of soft, supple skin, but I’m always on the hunt for new products I can use in a rush.

So when I sashayed into Superdrug before the Christmas period, you can imagine how happy I was to spot this beauty sensation for 99p when it normally rrp for £7-£10+.

I ended up going back and grabbing two more.

What does the SOS Soothing Face Lotion Do?

Developed to hydrate acne or blemish prone skin without being heavy or greasy, the Oh K! Soothing Lotion uses a lightweight mixture of white tea, tea tree and zinc oxide to protect the skin and battle inflammation .

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know I’m prone to painful acne whenever a season changes, or if I switch up skincare or makeup products.

Once I started using the vegan, cruelty free, Oh K! lotion I expected to see the angry red lumps rising within days, but I was pleasantly surprised to experience no immediate reaction.

Sometimes I’ll use this as a pre-moisturiser, moisturiser in the morning as I like the way it feels, it doesn’t clog my pores and creates a thin veiled barrier against environmental factors. It also makes my combination skin look brighter, which I love!

I shave regularly and I use this after this, or if my skin needs a hydration pick me up. It leaves my skin smooth as a babies bottom, and there’s something about the anti inflammatory properties that seemingly reduces the chance of sores or ingrown hairs – ain’t I a beauty?

On those days I want makeup soft, I’ll use this as a primer as it’s super light well and grabs product without becoming patchy like some primers / moisturisers do.

Recently I managed to grab some more Oh K! Products for an absolute steal including; cleansing bubble pads and the foaming cleansing bar which I will be testing out in the coming weeks.

If you want a review of those, let me know.

Do you use the SOS soothing lotion or Any other Oh K! product? What’s your favourite Korean product or beauty item? Share your thoughts with me on social media.

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