As someone who is colour blind one of the hardest things for me is
differentiating shades of eyeshadow.

Apparently, I suffer from a type of colour blindness called, Protanopia –
difficulty to distinguish red-green. However, I do struggle with green-blue too, sometimes purple.

I’m the kind of queen who has had to label palettes to show the colours of a product. I love a fancy or camp name but having to deface a palette with a marker to show which shade is which can get tedious.

If you too struggle with colour-blindness, take a look below at my favourite pigmented eyeshadows below which help kick protanopia in the ass.

Alexis Stone X Revolution: £20.


The 28 pressed Pigments were created as an all-in-one creative matte statement showcasing gradients colour by colour: red, pink, purple, grey, blue, green and yellow.

The layout of the eyeshadows alone gives me the ability to confidently choose colours knowing which family or shade it will belong to, without having to reach for several different products – or asking my friends, which I do a lot.

These shadows are pigmented too. As someone who likes to dress up as a
giraffe, this selection of yellows alone are fab.

I hit pan on the top yellow shade within a few weeks.

I also appreciate the range of colours and shades for each family, even if I can’t necessarily tell the tone or vibrancy of a particular pan.

For example, I struggle with purples, but the structure of this palette means I can work through the stack and identify that colours as they descend down a column are darker than those above.

Nyx Ultimate Shadows – Bright: £16


Well I’ve been doing my face recently it’s been my aim step outside my comfort zone by using more colour in my looks. This palette though small in size packs a Pigmented punch and once I’d identified the colours this travel size became a staple in my makeup case.

Despite the initial confusion I had identifying some shades, once I’d last this obstacle it was plain sailing. These shadows are really creamy and vivid.

I like how bright these hues are as they stand out and actually look like the colour in the pan, and it has one cracking yellow – which is always a plus!

These shadows are blendable but retain colour when worked, meaning they don’t go muddy or messy if combined with another colour.

MUOBU Powder Pigments: £4

download (2)

The pigments from Make Up Or Break Up are pigmented that they will stay in your room or your existence for at least 2 to 3 days should you spill them.

Want to know a really traumatic story?

Ask the owners what happened to their office when they were developing their black shade.

These single loose pigments aren’t given silly names, they’re allocated numbers. This makes life easier for me as I can identify that shades 5 & 6 are shades of purple and not get them confused with a blue.

A little goes a long way with these shadow shades, so much so a full colourful face can be achieved with just a small amount of product – use too much, you may end up super stained.

Honourable Mention

Give Face Cosmetics Fiesta Palette: £16.95

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Now this is a product that is no longer available, but it deserves a mention as this selection of shades are just divine.

The shades aren’t designed for eye or cosmetic use, but I use furniture glue for my eyelashes (when I wear them), so I’ve used worse.

This particular palette is made up of bright neon yellows, glowing oranges and the staples of black and white.

The reason my colour-blind ass likes these shades are that they stand out, and they are the colours they are in the pan. Many a time I have used a colour for it to have little pay-off or look nothing like first impressions – not with this palette.

This palette’s particular colour scheme reminds me of a tequila sunrise, and really grabs attention with its dynamic hues and kaleidoscopic shade collection.

If you’re not a fan of these colours, Give Face has many different schemes perfect for your next creative project

I must note again though that this palette is only approved for special effects work, so use it on your face at your own risk.

What shadows would you suggest?

Whilst this may not be a definitive list of pigmented shadows, they are a selection of my favourites that have helped me battle my colour blind condition.

If you are a queen, qweirdo or makeup artist who is baffled by colour, share your shadow suggestions and ideas with me on my socials: Twitter & Instagram – I’m always looking for new
products to dip my brush into.