3 Australian Red Wine’s for Beginners

I don’t claim to be a wine expert, especially red. The closest I got to red wine before the ripe age of 25 was the UB40 song – it just wasn’t to my taste.

I love a cool glass or two of white when the sun’s out but that’s about it. Then the Pandemic Christmas of 20 came around and I was gifted a red and sold since. I say sold since, like it’s been ages, but it’s been less than a week and Boris et al has put Greater Manchester into tier 4, so whatever.

Not knowing what was good, and what was going to leave me with a raging tannin headache I asked Facebook for red suggestions and got double the comments I’d normally get with suggestions raging from cheap to boujie.

One person even told me how red wine gives them diarrhoea (lovely) but what did I try? – I got my hands on three random bottles.

Yellow Tail Malbec

The official stance on this is that it is rich and velvety, with notes of berries (cherry and blackberry) and chocolate – perfect for steak or barbeques.

I drank this in the bath as I listened to Kate Bush. Take from that what you will.

What I liked about this having never really enjoyed a red was that it didn’t taste like vinegar and it didn’t make me recoil or make guttural noises when drinking to 80’s ballads.

There was definitely a fruity taste in this which I thought was blackcurrant – so what do I know?

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended Activity:
Belting out classic pop in the bath

Yellow Tail Shiraz

I’m going to be honest and say I bought this because the label was yellow but compared to it’s sister Malbec – meh.

The tannin in this are strong but it isn’t detrimental to the taste. The back of the bottle says that this Shiraz has a liquorice flavour, and this is certainly something you can get in both the taste and smell if you want to.

I personally hate liquorice and wish this wasn’t so strong, but that’s what I get for not reading the label…

Will I drink this again? Probably I still have half a bottle, but it isn’t the kind of wine I would think twice of throwing in my next spaghetti Bolognese.

Rating: 3/5
Recommended Activity:
Reading Gothic literature under a mountain of blankets

19 Crimes The Banished

As the Shiraz above proves, I am a magpie when it comes to packaging. So, when my eyes fell upon the aged portrait of a historical criminal with their face scratched out, like an old defaced wanted ad – I was sold and set aside for New Year’s Eve.

Fast Forward to the end of 2020 and typical me couldn’t find the corkscrew, so it took me ten minutes to push down the cork into the bottle with a wooden spoon. Alas this meant that I didn’t get chance to see if the cork from my wine linked to a crime – but I don’t think it did.

The 19 Crimes Wine selection has 19 corks for each crime an individual could commit for them to be sentenced “Punishment by Transportation” and sent to Australia. Offences include bigamy, impersonating an Egyptian and stealing a shroud out of a grave.

This wine has upon first taste was nice. I expected it to have that red wine taste, especially with this being a dark red, but it was surprisingly soft. There was no particular taste with no fruity flavour. After my second glass I did sense vanilla ever so slightly, but it didn’t seem to stand out.

I sank half a bottle as I devoured Camembert and pasta without really noticing, so it can’t be that bad, right?

Rating: 4/5
Recommended Activity:
Dancing round your kitchen at 10PM on NYE to Rain on Me

What red is your tipple of choice? Should I move on from the land down under and try something from a different country?

Let me know what bottle you think I should get my hands on next to try, many suggested Chateauneuf du Pap… I’m open to suggestions so get in touch with me on social media; Instagram Twitter.

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