One thing I am sick to the back teeth of is adults bullying children on the internet. Yes, bullying.

Every day there seems to be a new example of full grown adults screaming at or about children and young adults on social media – many faceless – are you surprised?

One latest instance came in the form of Hasan Patel, a young Eaton A-Level student who started trending on Twitter because adults were giving him online abuse over a tweet he posted venting about his life on the social media platform.

19 Year-Old Hasan comes from a low class, low-income area. He worked his way to a scholarship at Eaton, one of the most prestigious and elite institutions in England – good for him!

Hasan worked his arse off and then boom, pandemic and he’s stuck in lockdown with his family in a small flat in London, missing out on the education he grafted for. I’d be annoyed, wouldn’t you?

Of course, out came the adults screaming “Privilege” or “Well I never had that…”, then there was “What about my kids?” – What about your kids, love?

If you want your children to go as far as possible in education, inspire them to do so and teach them to reach for the stars. Why is it Hasan’s fault that your children don’t get something? – Try shouting at the government or the systems that are causing oppression and affecting your life in a negative way.

True to form, Hasan’s Twitter was inundated with racist abuse with adults calling him “ungrateful”, or calling him slurs and asking why he got a place over someone else’s white child – this is just a glimpse into the shit storm he got.

Would this have happened if he was a young intelligent white male? You know the answer to that…

Now, who remembers Greta Thunberg?

For those needing a reminder, Greta Thunberg is the young environmental activist who shouts at politicians and world leaders about climate change, reminding them that it is coming, they are taking the piss and if it’s not sorted soon we are all going to die … basically.

At 16 years old, the young Swede took to the platform in front of world leaders at the UN and delivered her infamous “How dare you!” speech where she essentially shamed a room of adults for not taking action and dooming coming generations to climate change linked suffering. It was glorious.

Greta is white I hear you cry, what happened?

Well dear reader, it was misogyny and once again adults (mostly men) were slagging off and bullying a child online, and this time the abuse was stemmed in the fact she’s a woman – quelle surprise!

Greta also has Asperger’s syndrome, so of course trolls and online abusers attacked that and said awful ableist things in relation to this.

Unfortunately, Greta’s socials are full of abuse. After TIME named her Person of the Year 2019 King Dickhead, Donald Trump also couldn’t keep Greta off his Twitter telling her to “Greta must work on her anger management … Chill Gretta, chill.” Pot, kettle…

Would the same things had been said if Greta happened to be a male? Would her; intelligence, values and beliefs had been undermined and cast aside if she were not a woman?

Ask yourself this: If a male stood in Greta Thunberg’s place chastising world leaders about climate change, would we be on our way to a green revolution by now?

Now back to the point at hand, and I’m going to direct this to those who take time out of their day to do the above … look in the mirror and get a grip.

Look at it from an outside perspective – How would you feel if your child or teen relayed to you that an adult almost 20 years their senior, was saying horrific things to them on the internet?

Do not say nothing would happen. I can imagine the uproar already, the memes, and horrified social media shares – you’d honestly be disgusted.

So look in the mirror and ask yourself if your actions are something you would go and tell your friends or family with pride? – “I spent my afternoon giving abuse to children and teens on the internet”.

Now I know that 2020 hasn’t been the best year with a global pandemic and reality crumbling around us, but shouting at kids when we could be shouting at bigger, more pressing matters – is embarrassing.

Stop treating young adults and children like crap because of “what about me?” and start using that energy to battle the actual evils we face; The world’s biggest paedophile network, criminality in UK politics, institutional racism, the number of trans women murdered in 2020 (so far) – the list goes on.

Whitney Houston sang;
I believe the children are our are future,
Teach them well and let them lead the way,
Show them all the beauty they possess inside,
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

So, imagine the future you’re building when you’re doing the opposite by tearing the younger generation down, rather than raising them up.

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