Does anyone else have problems finding a decent moisturiser?

Some can leave the skin feeling too sticky or greasy, others can make acne or spots worse for those with sensitive skin.

Following on from my cleansers for acne prone skin, this blog looks at 3 of my favourite moisturisers you can use to battle the winter season.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Beauty Flash Balm does what it says on the bottle, it brightens and tightens.

I came across the Clarins cult beauty balm after it was gifted by a friend and I immediately fell in love.

This is another of those special day products that I reserve for the days I need that extra pick me up as it does what it says on the tin – eliminates fatigue in a flash.

I find that this isn’t too thick on skin like some creams can be which can leave my face feeling greasy.

This drys down within seconds and leaves any acne or spots calmed, reducing redness thanks to the witch hazel extracts which hold anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for the taking problematic skin!

Robin Reid Synthetic Snake Venom Cream

Being 100% transparent I work with Robin. For those who don’t know he’s an Olympic boxer many years ago and now we work together to safeguard kids.

I know absolutely nothing about boxing, but I do know skincare.

Enough about the day job. Long and short is, Robin sells Synthetic Snake Venom mens moisturiser and I wanted to criticise it as a skincare lover because sometimes I can be a twat like that.

Quite honestly it’s fabulous and I was shocked.

The cream is super hydrating and makes skin smooth, soft to touch and appeared to have blurred some of my fine lines.

The venom is based off the Temple Viper from Malaysia, and having tried only one Venom related product before, I was skeptical.

I couldn’t tell you what product that was. I remember being around early teens and using something for my lips… A gloss maybe?

It felt like my lips had pins and needles and not in a good way. Know the tingling of a cold sore? Imagine that all over the lips times ten.

When using the cream I found that not to be the case with this ‘venom’, there was nothing.

This moisturiser leaves skin with a slight tacky texture which disappears quickly.

The tackiness also makes this perfect to use as a primer.


I don’t want my posts to become an ode to Lush but they have saved my skin more times than I care to count…

This was recommended by a employee during a time when my skin was in crisis.

I wanted something light for a thirsty face that could balance my combination skin and could be used daily on erratic, problematic skin.

A vegan blend of lavander, St John’s wort and elderflower combine with sunflower, sweet violet and mullein to make the perfect magical mixture for what I needed.

The restorative mix works as a night cream too for the evenings when your skin needs to drink in moisture.

The Imperialis is also my favourite scented moisturiser. Ever. The various flowers and the cocoa butter base leaves skin soft and smelling majestic for a good few minutes after application.

If you’re sensitive to smell you may want to give this one a miss.

Do you have a favourite products for when the weather gets tough or acne flares up?

Share your thoughts with me on Twitter, I’m always looking to try new products.