I’ve had the one man on my mind all day, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Not for anything like that … (Ugh) but due to the fact that he’s been plastered all over the news and social media channels the last few days after showing an inordinate lack of humanity in comments regarding Grenfell Tower.

These remarks unfortunately come as no surprise in the current dystopia that is the political climate we live in, and as it continues we need to remember one thing about a certain haunted Victorian chimney personified and the world he wants; we don’t want to be in it.

Showing a lack of empathy isn’t new for many members of the Tory party, so it should come as no surprise when yet again the lives of others are shown flagrant disregarded and spoken about in a manner that passes the blame on anyone but the government.

Mogg’s comments incited a tweet from musician, Stormzy who called him a “piece of shit” after the MP said it was “common sense” for victims of Grenfell to go against advice of the London Fire Brigade, and leave the burning block of flats.

Nothing is seemingly too far fetched within British Politics at the moment – or in fact global politics – but we need to take off rose tinted glasses and look behind the caricature of the MP who’s greatest achievement to society as of this moment: a leek.

The comments made on LBC are only a reflection of Conservative thinking which shows real detachment from the working-class people they currently need to win December’s general election.

Think about it: a man who believes he would have been ” cleverer than the people who took the fire brigade’s advice”may one day be in charge of the country – “We want clever people in charge don’t we?” – Jacob Rees Mogg, LBC 2019

Have you ever taken a look at the ‘for’ voting record of the Leader of the House of Commons?

  • UK military forces in combat overseas
  • Replace trident with new nuclear weapons system
  • Reduced benefits for excess bedrooms
  • Reduction on welfare benefits
  • Higher tax on; alcohol, plane tickets, fuel
  • Trade union regulation
  • Reducing capital gains tax
  • Raising student fees
  • Reducing funding to local government
  • Mass surveillance
  • Merging police & fire services
  • Selling state owned forest
  • Badger culling
  • High speed rail infrastructure
  • Ending secure tenancies for life
  • Royal Mail privatisation
  • Restricting legal aid

Now what about the against?

  • Equal gay rights
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Equality & human rights laws
  • End of life assistance to terminally ill
  • EU membership
  • Raising benefits in line with prices
  • Against mansion tax
  • Giving more power to Scottish parliament
  • Lower voting age
  • Preventing climate change
  • Lower motor vehicle fuel tax
  • Slowing rail fares
  • Publicly owned railways
  • Greater gambling regulation

The terrifying thing about Jacob is that we don’t seem to treat him like who could potentially represent the UK on the world stage. His record, action and pre-industrial attitude highlight the detachment he has from the very people he is supposed to represent and we treat him like a cartoon villain.

Mogg’s comments about Grenfell and his general attitude towards the working class and the less fortunate in society give us a glimpse into potential Tory rule – Ask yourself is this better than the world we are living in?

A world where your friends can’t get married, the poor stay poor and the planet dies around you – It is no longer the 19th century.

Remember: no matter your political alignment, don’t forget to register so you can cast your vote in December’s general election – then it won’t be on your mind like Mogg was on mine *shudders*

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