Rejoice Diamonds, it seems that M5 may come sooner than expected after Marina told fans that she has already started writing new music.

The Greek-Welsh powerhouse revealed to crowds at Manchester’s O2 Apollo last week; ” I have started writing new music”, during her Love and Fear Tour Part 2, which visited the city for the second time in 6 months.

In an array of camp technicolour, MARINA took us to the End of the Earth and back.

Formerly Marina and the Diamonds, MARINA came onto the stage in a burst of technicolour transporting the audience across the globe during her opening number, Handmade Heaven , via projections highlighting the beauty of nature that were stunning enough to make any climate activist weep in sorrow

The set saw MARINA re-visit her past eras performing poptastic gems from former albums including; Primadonna, I’m Not a Robot, Froot and Hollywood. MARINA even gave the crowd a flashback to 2010 by donning pom-poms alongside back-up performers in a nod to the video of the latter sensational smash.

This tour was the first time MARINA was joined on stage by other performers however, the increase in the cast only added to the amazing architecture of the stage with performer’s shadows casting onto the backdrop, at times making MARINA et al look like they were dancing through the stars.

MARINA’s most intimate moments still come when she’s behind the piano.

To truly appreciate MARINA’s voice one must listen to how she sounds behind the piano.

I have seen her three times now. Every time she has sat herself behind the ivory keys she has brought the venue to standstill – this tour was no exception as the first half (or Love) came to a close with Teen Idle. The Apollo was taken on a tour down memory lane as the Electra Heart track saw MARINA lament on years lost.

However, unlike previous tours when the song left a room silent, this time round had Diamonds singing along – many of them having grown with MARINA since her second album in 2012.

I remember thinking; the only concert I’ll ever go to and hear a crowd chant “feeling super super super suicidal” with the glee of a small child waking up on Christmas morning

Backing dancers and live vocalists gave a renewed theatrical element to the show

The second half of the show – fear – kicked off with the songstress performing as a bystander, narrating the tale of two lovers via ballet and acted out by dancers.

I’m not Billy Elliot but the choreography was sublime.

Electra heart managed to make another appearance in the form of Bubblegum Bitch where projections made MARINA look like she was lost in a lava lamp.

Fans were also treated a performance of an unreleased track before penultimate track, Karma. MARINA took to her piano once more for, I’m Not Hungry Anymore.

The unreleased track was intended for FROOT but didn’t make the cut due to production. It was later leaked and after the positive reception from fans, it was added to the set.

If you ever have the chance to see MARINA live, it is performances of songs from debut album, The Family Jewels that she really comes alive.

Oh No, showed that after nearly a decade since her debut album she means what she’s saying; “I know exactly what I want and who I wanna be”.

Ending on the first single from Love and Fear, Baby, MARINA minus Clean Bandit drew the evenings affairs to a close telling revellers “I’m already someone else’s baby…”

Would any show be compete without an encore? Fans paid their hard earned money to watch a show and they were set to get as much action for their money as possible.

Taking to the stage for the final time, MARINA took fans to the End of the Earth telling the audience “I’ll love you till the end of the earth” before closing the show with the final Electra Heart single, How to be a Heartbreaker despite there being no heartache in sight.

There was only one thing that could improve the tour and MARINA’s showcase and that would be adding Valley of the Dolls to the set and giving it the justice it deserves.

There was even a dress that lit up in the dark